Friday, December 4, 2009

i can jam anywhere with my iPod

Everyday I end up bringing my iPod Touch to work, for a while I didn't because some of the apps are addicting, especially when all I get are game apps. But today, I found out why I always bring it! I can jam out ANYwhere and EVERYwhere with it! I am the copy girl/scan girl at work because apparently no one knows how to work the copier/scanner or reload paper or put more toner in the huge printer, so I do that. And I plugged my headphones (my big huge aviator headphones!) into my skinny iPod and rocked out to Motion City Soundtrack and The Killers and Eve 6 while copying! It was awesome! It was really nice too, because the testing lab is right next to the printer, and the test lab is not a quiet place. It's so noisy! So, not only did I get to jam out, but I opted out of listening to the test lab or that annoying guy from the shop come by and try to make a pass at me..... (a-buh!)!! Anyways, so I'm just jamming to tunes. Now...if only I could find something to do... I hate days when I sit here waiting for the printing company to deliver prints! Then I can ship them out!

Love, bry and mark

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