Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New things and cookies

I have a laptop for work, I have to bring said laptop home everynight. Apparently they had some isssues with laptop security and what not, so it is required for all laptops to be taken home. So, Mark and I have been using that laptop for everything from downloading music to changing our Fantasy Football lineups. So, when I got the first virus, I brought up the idea that we should get a computer of our own. But when I got the 2nd virus, we went out and bought one. Now, when I say virus, I don't mean just a little virus, I mean IT took my laptop and purged the virus for a day and a half (both times!) So, yesterday, I got to work, IT came and noticed my virus, they started working on my computer, then about noon they came and took it. So I went home. That's how it was last month when I got the virus! Josh in IT said my computer wouldn't be done in a day. Well, I have vacation today (cookie exchange!) and yesterday Mark got the card from my mom, it was a gift card to Chili's (they changed their alfredo sauce, so if that's your favorite, watch out!) and after Chili's we had to stop at Wal-Mart (my flat iron died Sunday morning) and I had it in my mind to just stop and check out the computers. Well, we ended up really checking one out. We got Windows 7 (AWESOME!!) and a 20" screen, it's pretty fantastic. I finished up a gift (I've got to mail them out TOMORROW!!) and Mark set up the computer. When I asked him to do that, he said, Remember, I'm computer illiterate, I said, it should be easy, it'll be fine. Well, my amazing husband got the computer set up, and he even found the games!! LOL! So, yes, I am now on my awesome new computer right now!! Woot woot! Merry Christmas! So, from now on, no more big purchases! Ha ha, the computer was actually cheaper than the one with the 18.5" screen and Windows Vista, I said I DON'T WANT VISTA! So, Mark took it back and got a different one, it didn't say the price, and Mark said it was heavier and with a bigger screen, but it was somehow, $50 bucks cheaper than the Vista. So WOOT WOOT! Now.. If I can just clean my computer/craft room to look as awesome as my new computer, I'll be even happier...

There was a cookie exchange today with some girls from church. I had some more vacation days, so I decided to take today off. I made 5 dozen of those hot chocolate on a stick for the exchange, so I got to pick out 5 dozen cookies to take home. Mark was so happy! (He came home for lunch!) So I was unloading 3 bags of cookies onto 1 plate, I told Mark to take some cookies, and he tried to take that entire plate! I say he TRIED because I caught him before he could leave the driveway! Sneaky sneaky! But it was so much fun to see all the girls, and it was really nice to hang out with all of them. Then I went over to Angie's and she really helped me finish the gifts. All DONE!! So excited! Cuz now I can mail them out tomorrow!! Yayay! All I have to do is wrap them all! Yayayay! That is all I have been doing for a few days, is finishing presents! Yayay!

Love to all - bry and mark

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