Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Chirstmas

So, we opened our gifts tonight. I got Mark an air compressor (who knew?!). We got New Super Mario Bros Wii from my grandma Mavis, thanks!! We got a massager and some gift cards from my folks. We got Jenga and The Italian Job from Santa. And Bandit got a sling-shot chicken. I teased him with the package first, and then he dove on it, and once I tore the paper a little bit, he dug into it (he LOVES paper!) and, I even went out and tossed the chicken around, but then he chewed the slingshot tube off, and now it's just a squeaky chicken toy with a cape.

Mark will say we opened presents tonight because "Bryana cannot look at a wrapped presents for more than 10 minutes without tearing it open." But you know how Mark lies! Thos presents were under the tree for at least 2 weeks! Oh well.
We're heading out to Utah on Wednesday Night after work, Christmas with this family this year. :) I'm excited to go to Utah for the holidays, his family always has pie. :) We just have to get thru these 3 days of work, so if we survive, Utah here we come! (There are only 2 people in my department at work this week, and that's nationwide, only 2 CAD people for the entire US for these 3 days, and for next week too, I am 1 of them.)
Merry Christmas!
Love, bry and mark

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