Tuesday, December 29, 2009

AM adventures

So, this morning, I really really REALLY did not want to get up. Today is technically my Wednesday" of the week, so I look forward to sleeping in on Thursday. But today was an unusual day for me in the car. I got into the truck, and headed to work, like most days, everybody on the highway was going 50, either from fear of the frost on their windshield or from fear or other vehicles, I'm not sure, so I had to wait patiently to pass the dude with the huge mustache. Then as I'm taking my off-ramp onto 88th, I see a truck coming down the off-ramp, in my general direction. (This has happened before, back in WI, a car turned to go Southbound in the Northbound side of the freeway....) I honked my horn twice and waved at him to turn around, he had his hands up to tell me he knew already and was trying not to die. He wasn't going that fast, and no one else was coming up the off-ramp, he turned around and headed for the frontage road. But wait, the fun doesn't stop there! I called to tell Mark about the truck, he laughes and then we hang up. Then I'm going down 49th, before it turns into 47th, and I see a bald eagle on a pile of rocks, just perched, looking for food or something. How do I kow it was a blad eagle? It had a white head and it was HUGE! So I immediately call Mark back (I seriously just hung up the phone with him!) and tell him about the eagle, he thinks it's pretty cool. Then, as I hang up again, I see a semi coming from the south on Havana, I hit the breaks, which is good, cuz the semi is doing a u-turn and just misses the front of my truck!! By this time, I'm thinking I really should have stayed in bed, or at least, why isn't today Thursday?! Now I'm at work, and hoping things won't be so dangerous, although the eagle was pretty dang cool....

love - bry and mark

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