Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Laws in the CO

Hmm, apparently I'm not the only one to notice that people in Colorado CAN'T drive (sorry, but it's true!) and that if a cell phone texting plan is added to the already negative equation of drivers, that just makes for a horrible accident. So, Colorado created a new law, yes that's right, A LAW! No texting while driving! (I was getting really good at typing out a text without looking at my phone, then glancing at the message while at a stop and go light, but no more!) I've been so good about not breaking this law! I haven't texted while behind the wheel at all! I just wish other drivers with mountains on their license plates would do the same! Today I almost became Semi paint! The road I take to work is kinda windy and curvy, and I was just driving along (jamming out to some Rage Against The Machine) and all the sudden the semi on my right and a little bit ahead (my front end was about parrallel with his rear axle) swerved into my lane, almost as if he wished to become part of my lane! I honked and slowed so we didn;t become a hybrid, but as I passed (totally giving this dude the stink-eye) I saw that he was on his cell phone, flipped open, stabbing the keys with his thumb! He didn't even SEE my stink-eye! How rude! So, I did what I had to to pass this guy, which means I floored it. Semi's just make me nervous, I learned to drive in a trucking town in Northern Wisco, and one of the first things they taught us was to get away from semi's, don't hang in the blind spot, don't just hang out next to them. So, when next to them, I got fast (or slow) to not be next to them, they told me it was being considerate and a smart driver. Most the truckers wave at me as I pass. :) But put a texting plan on that dude's phone, and I'm scared! Oh well. At least, I'm being good, right?!

I have been checking the weather this week, Mark and I are driving to Utah tomorrow night. A big storm is supposed to blow into UT, WY and CO tonight/tomorrow. Here's a tip, when checking weather.com, and checking the Weather in Motion, do NOT click the FUTURE button, that will totally mess you up! I thought this storm was supposed to huge and devasting! So far, no devastation, it looks like it's weaker than it was projected to be. Yesterday I was totally worried about the storm, and now, after reading the accumulation is supposed to be 1-4 inches in UT, WY and CO, I'm not nearly as worried. I'm still packing all the emergency stuff, like food, pillows, blankets, Mark's awesome new spotlight, books, dog food, and water. But, that should be in the truck every time we drive to Utah! So, I'm all set. Utah here we come!

**I've still got some presents to finish, that is what I will be doing tonight, non-stop, until they are done! But everything else is done, except these 2! And I need Mark's help to wrap it all up! 3 more days and I can post all the pictures and fill you all in on the gifts! :)

Love and safety - bry and mark

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