Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 days of Blessings : Day 9

Day 9 : I am blessed with ideas. I am always getting new ideas, and finding new things to create. I am so blessed that I have a husband who is ok with my crafting and creating. He doesn't complain (usually) and he lets me go about my business creating and concocting. I enjoy finding new ideas and it eases stress and relaxes me. He lets me express all my thoughts and ideas and creations on the blog (he lets me put his name on the posts!) and lets me share my ideas with him, even when he's sleepy and tired. He says he likes it when I get all excited about new ideas and new projects. I love making things and am so blessed to have the ambition of creating and making things. I am blessed with a desire to make things better, see if I can save money, time, effort, change things for the better. I am rarely content with how things are the first time I make them. :) Bueno!

Alright, So far so good, now if I can just keep it up, we're starting to head into more crazy as I finish up the Collard presents, and as we travel to Utah next week. (Wow, is Christmas next week already?!) Plus, I won't feel like doing anything tonight after work, it's our work potluck today and everybody is bringing in tons of food (I made 2 pies) and so it's pretty much Thanksgiving all over again. Hmm, no complaints here... :)

Love to you- bry and marl

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Amy and Brandon

I love this idea, I want to do it next year. You and Mark coming out for christmas????