Friday, December 18, 2009

12 days of Blessings : Day 8

Day 8 : I am blessed with a desire to learn. I love learning new programs, and new strategies, new decorating ideas, new recipes, new topics, new subjects, new techniques, new projects, new activities, new plans. I love it all! I am so blessed to have a desire to go back to school and a desire to go back to school, to learn more things. I am so blessed to have a husband with the same desire. He also has a desire to create and fix anything and everything he can. I am blessed to havea desire to figure out the How's and Why's of things, and blessed that Mark has the same desire. A desire to make things better, to fix things, and see if I can make them better.

Things have been great lately, we've been getting things ready for Christmas. (I have all the gifts done, except 1!!!) I'm so excited. We got a package from my mom yesterday, with our Christmas present inside. I've been trying to clean up the house, slowly it's been getting done. Our little dog is in desperate need of a bath, that should get taken care of this weekend. I've got some New Years Resolutions that I hope to put into action this year, nothing like Excercising, cuz that won't get done this year, but resolutions like try to keep the house clean, and stuff like that, things that I can get done! But more about that next year. :)

*Oh, Amy showed me where to go to get it to snow on my blog. Go to CuteLinksForYou to get all kinds of cute things!

Love to you - bry and mark

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