Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a loss

So, one of my beta fishes died. I'm not really sure when, but I found it this morning floating on top of the water. I had 2 left, out of 4. I bought these little fish back when we first got married. So these are old fish. But they've been pretty durable. So now, I just have Pita left. Pita is one of the original 2 I bought, I had to restock after Maximus died, so I bought 2 (Guido and Noodles), Noodles died a few months ago, and Guido is the one that just died. So Pita is the last one, and I hear, there can be only one.... (All we are is dust in the wind...) But I'm thinking of what little pet to get in 2010, last year we got the Bandit and some turtles.... We still have the evil turtle left, the snapping turtle that wants me fingers, and the Bandit is alive and healthy. (Bandit got a bunch of deer steak that Mark was thawing out yesterday, so he is so dang happy.) The year before Mark and I got married, I tried to have an aquarium of little fishes (I even had a dragon fish!) but all of those died, even the frog. So, I got into the beta fish, and I've been using vases from the wedding reception. I'm not sure what to get, I'm thinking of just getting another beta, or maybe a hermit crab, but really, I think I'll just ignore them both. But I think I'm going to go browse the pet store tomorrow, and pick out a new fish! (Fish are just easier.) So who knows. Maybe I'll have Mark come with and help me pick out an awesome one. oh well. get ready for some more little projects to come thru. I've already got the spark, and I've got a load of new ideas!!

love, the girl and sharkdog

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