Sunday, December 6, 2009

my friends are freaking awesome!

So, Saturday was Mark's birthday, and I told him earlier last week that we were going to go snowboarding. No, that sentence is correct, I told him what we were going to do. Well, Mark kept saying how he hated leaving his little dog home alone all the time. I started to get the hint. I asked him on Friday (and again on Saturday) what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to go snowboarding. Well, when I woke up on Saturday with a big headache, I asked him again, what he wanted to do that day. He looked at me, and asked if I didn't want to go snowboarding anymore. I said that I did, but wasn't feeling up to it, and that I had all my presents to get done, and I'm not very good at snowboarding, and I know how the Coloradans are about "their Rocky Mountains" and how they have the best snow ever, and I figured the hills would be packed with people, and that I really do suck, and I had to make his brithday cake. I took a breath, and he started laughing. He said that he liked snowboarding alot, but that he really wanted to take the Bandit hunting that morning. So, we parted ways, he went almost to Nebraska to shoot things with Bandit, and I stayed home and crafted and made his cake. I got to IM-ing Angie and she said for me to bring ALL my stuff, and to come over and she would help me get it all done! So, I loaded up my sewing machine, my Mod Podge, my cardstock and the things for my presents. She helped me get it ALL mostly finished!! She is incredible! (And don't let her tell you otherwise!!) I realized I had been stressing about getting the gifts done and sent out, and I was worried that I wouldn't get them all done in time. She fixed all that worry! I now just have painting to get done!! She helped me get my Christmas cards put together, and ready for addresses, labels and stamps. It looks like I will now make my deadline, and it's all thanks to her!! Thank you so much for helping me out! Now, Angie, you just need to let me return the favor!!

Love, bry and mark

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Thank you so much for the compliments, but you do plenty for me. I am so grateful to have you as a friend and you are ALWAYS helping out with my kids when you are here, church or wherever, standing up for me, and you always watch out for me. I appreciate your friendship a lot! Thank you for everything.