Thursday, December 3, 2009

Music influences from friends

Hmm, so I have noticed and spoken about how easily influenced I am. I have fallen in love with bands from only a word (one word) from a friend. It was a just after Mark and I got married, we went back to Utah for a visit and went a movie with Bubba and Traci and some of Mark's friends. Traci wore a sweatshirt jacket that said BOYSLIKEGIRLS, and I went in search of the band. I have since bought 2 CD's of theirs and I love their music! They remind me a bit of Motion City Soundtrack. It's punk rock, but not emo. (Plus on their new CD, Love Drunk, they have a song featuring Taylor Swift.) So thank you Traci, for getting me into such an awesome band! Also, when I went to Texas to help my sister find her dress, she is in love with a band (well, it's more like just a dude who can't sleep and has excess to a synthesizer) called Owl City, and instantly I fell in love again! I went so far as to go on the Owl City myspace page just to listen to his music. (I didn't buy the CD's cuz I have this *odd* feeling I will be getting them for Christmas...) But lately, I have been on a MoTab kick, and I have a new found "thing" for piano solos. There's just something awesome about the sound of a piano, no words, just music. (sigh) Yeah, I know I am a big dork. But anywho, I am always looking for new music, and I listen to anything and everything, pretty much (It's so weird that I listen to music so much and that I kind of need it, because Mark doesn't ever listen to music unless I'm in the car or aroung, I just think it's odd..). But that's one reason I love Guitar Hero and games like that, they have TONS of new music featured in them, new and classic music. But to get new types of music, I go to the iTunes store, the Music part, and click on FREE ON iTUNES on the right side panel, every week they have brand new music, all of it's free. So I jump on that. Some of it I like, some I don't, some is not in english (but after driving to Powell with Mark's brother Steve and listening to Juanes the whole way, I don't mind not understanding what the dude says.) Like I said, I'm all into hearing new music. I just had to give my shout out to Traci for the hookup on BOYSLIKEGIRLS. I take any suggestions. :)

Love, bry and mark

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