Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Magic and eating things

Oh oh it's magic, you know-o-o!! I am thankful that all my family will in 1 spot this Christmas, so I only have to mail gifts to 1 location! Selfish I know, but it really does help out alot! I just get those Pre-paid boxes, with no weight limit, just has to fit in the box, put all the gifts in there, and ship it out! So helpful! YAYAY! But it gets better than shipping thru the Post Office.... I'm shipping everything thru work! Commercial prices, and it's so freaking easy! I don't even have to find a pre-paid box to fit everything in, work has all kinds and sizes of boxes and can easily find a box to fit everything!! Plus, they can fill it with all kinds of packing material, like peanuts, or bubble wrap, or even packing foam (the put theis hose in there and shoot foam in there, and it molds around what your send! I'm so glad the entire family is going to be in 1 spot, it makes shipping things so much easier!!

What Bandit ate this week :

Leftover birthday cake
(1) shoe, my nice warm, nearly new Vans, just 1!!
12 pack of Ramen Noodles (beef) flavor
1 pack of Snowman Peeps
1 blue mixing spoon
1 gate
2 garbabge bags
1 box of saran wrap
1 box of freezer bags, gallon size
1 pheasant tail feather grouping
1 bubble wand
1 ice cube tray
250 plastic 3 oz cups
1/2 a bag of dog food
2 rawhides
1 new squeaker toy

I am ready to make Bandit slippers!! I peeked outside this morning, and saw the box or Ramen, all torn up, I went out to get it, and found one of my shoes!! Oh yes, you could say I'm mad, you could even say I'm irrate!! Oh yes, as I type this, he is confined to the bathroom. The only place we can isolate him, with minimal destruction. The snow hid some of the destruction this week, but it's melting today, so I saw it all this morning!! Evil little dog!!!

-bry and mark

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Amy and Brandon

Hey how did koda get to your house??? LOL She get into so many things. She is almost 2, weighs about 9 pounds and has eat a full sleve of Thin mint cookies; Half a bag of mini snickers; a crunch bar; 4 chocolate chip cookies; oh and some poop. LOL I don't know how she is alive.