Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Daily book complete

So I found on a few blogs, this Daily December book. Ali Edwards has one here. Technique Speak has one here. I actually saw it from the possibilities are endless. And then followed the links! So, I was so psyched about it, I went ahead and made it! It was dang easy to make, I had to really wipe the dust off of my creative bone, but it was so fun! I'm excited to do this during December!

Oh, and also on the possibilies are endless I found this new thing : Project Life and so I went to Becky Higgins to find out more about it, and I think this is something I really want to do next year. (Look, I'm already getting my new years resolutions ready!) So we will just have to see. I guess it partially depends on if I get what was on my List this year!!!

(And I just totally noticed the 6 on 26 is backwards! It looked right when I made it! Ugh!!) I'm excited to start this!!
love, bry and mark

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