Friday, December 11, 2009

Spoon or Fork?

So I made my December treat (I've been trying to create one new treat each month, October was mummy cookies, November was Turkey treats, well really it was Pie!) I saw this tutorial on a blog called Giver's Log and I had to try it! Mark loved Hot Chocolate, all the Collards do. So I got all the stuff for it, and whipped up a batch, I even had the Official tester try it out, and we reduced the amount of chocolate used for the mix. He approved. And then I got a wild hair, and decided this is what I was going to make for the Cookie Exchange on Tuesday. (I know they are NOT cookies, but they are an awesome holiday treat!!) So I made 5 dozen of them! And I thinking about making some to take to Utah for Christmas. (I said Collards like hot chocolate!) So I'll probably end up doing that.

I had an idea for the molds, I was going to use the 3 oz cups (Angie talks about them here.) But, when I had the Tester try out the sample, it was soo much chocolate on 1 spoon, so we put 1/2 into the mold, that was still alot. So I decided to get rid of the cups (thank you Bandit for helping me with that decision by eatting the cups!!) and I used Ice Cube trays, but I had to buy new ones cuz Bandit ate those too.... So I used ice cube trays, and I scooped the mixture into the trays with my little cookie dough scoop, then just pressed it down into the cube mold. And stuck a spoon in, then popped them in the freezer. (Towards the end I had to use Forks cuz I ran out of spoons... Too much trial and error, but forks stir just as good as spoons, right? RIGHT?!) Once they were hard, I twisted the tray (like you do with ice cubes) and they all popped free, and then I dipped some in white chocolate (ok, it is really just vanilla baking chocolate that comes in the HUGE bars!) and then dipped them in crushed candy canes, or sprinkled them with a holiday mix! (I love having Mark around, he crushed up the candy canes so dang good, and he didn't complain cuz he got to watch deer hunting videos while he did it.!) I wrapped them in plastic wrapped and tied them with some kitchen string! Ta DA! Now, I just have to write on the spoon (or fork) handle "Stir into a mug of hot milk!!"

These really were easy, and once I decided to do double batches, it took no time at all!! I wouldn't go bigger than a double batch, it gets hard to stir and I don't have enough ice cube trays! All I really had to buy was the double boiler, I got one at WalMart for about $30, but if thise turns into something I made each year, than it's totally worth it!! Plus, there is so much more I can make with my new double boiler.... Looks like we're ready for a chocolate fondue night..... mmmmmmm, New Years is sounding like a perfect time!!

Love to all this holiday season!! - bry and mark

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