Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday cheer

So, Mark and I put up the Christmas tree and the lights on the house on Tuesday. Well, Mark put the lights on the house and I put up the tree, even trade. Then on Wednesday I put the lights on the tree (it was just too much to do all in one night!) and then yesterday I put Christmas lights in the front window, on the inside cuz it was dang cold outside! I hung my cookie cutter wreath on the front door, and it has been so cold this week that the hot glue dots have been breaking! So, some of the cookie cutters are held together with paper clips, but you can't notice unless you get real close and look real hard, the paperclips are the same color! I put up some of our other decoration, I posted about those earlier. I'm way excited for Christmas, but not cuz I'm getting stuff, but because I'm giving stuff! I love watching people open presents and see their reaction. Mark's birthday gift came in the mail on Wednesday, and I wrapped it and put HAPPY BIRTHDAY on it, then he came home and played with the dog and I made him open it! He laughed at me. I told him I wanted to know if he liked it!I got him a 2.5 million candlelight power spotlight. He never asked for one, and I'm pretty sure he would never go buy one, so kudos for me for getting him a completely useless gift, right? Nope, he likes it. He was playing with it to see how far the light would shine and to see how bright it was. (Back in high school, me and a friend would go up to Shawno and get McDonald's and sit in the parking lot across the street and shine the light at people in the restuarant! Ah, good times!) But tomorrow we're planning on going snowboarding, it's supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow, in the 30's. So, it shouldn't be too bad, right? Who knows. We have a buy one get one free coupon for the lift tickets, so it should be fun.

It's been so cold this week, Mark plugs his truck in at night, a heater runs in the back so his chemicals don't freeze over night, and he was out and about yesterday, and his chemicals froze during the day! He had to sit in his truck with the heater on FULL BLAST! I don't think it has gotten over 22 degrees for 4 days. it's 13 degrees right now, with a windshill around 3 or so.

We'll post more pics as soon as I get them! Oh, and my daily Decmeber book has been coming along great, aside from the fact that Mark and I are really boring and lame. All I've been doing is getting the presents ready and finishing them up. Lame. It's not like we do anything really fun in December, or anything out of the ordinary really.

Love always, bry and mark