Monday, December 28, 2009

back to the grind

Ho-Hum!! Mark and I got home yesterday around 8:30 pm, and brought all our stuff into the house, then went to bed. Of course, I couldn't sleep right away, so I ended up opening all the movies we got from Santa and organized them alphabetically so they fit on my movie shelf, then I was ready for bed. (Sometimes I just need to unwind.) Plus, I was waiting for my NyQuil to kick in and knock me out. Yeah - you heard me, NyQuil, meaning I'm sick. I have a head cold, and trust me, it's not fun! I feel awful! My head is stuffed up, and I can hardly breathe out of my nose. Plus, this morning, I started coughing. Oh joy. At least it's not the flu, I can't handle the flu. I hate the flu! (Knock on wood) Mark and I both had to work today, Mark works until Thursday, I think he has Friday off, I have both Thursday and Friday off, so Thursday will be my clean-up day. Mark's dad and brother are coming out again this weekend to get more deer in Nebraska. So I'll have plenty of time to get cozy with my new Cricut and new camera. I know it's New Year's and it's supposed to be fun stuff and the like - but I've always been kinda boring on New Year's. I could plan some big shin-dig, but I kinda don't want to. I'm sick and I don't want to get other people sick. So maybe, if I'm feeling better, I'll bring my new load of movies and my Cricut and I'll hang with Ang and her fam, or something. I don't know. Oh well - :) I'll post pictures of our gifts later once I get everything sorted out.

We had a great time with Mark's family. There was plenty of hunting and fishing and beating each other with sticks. It was so much fun! We got to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while. And drop off gifts.I enjoyed watching everyone open the gifts I made this year, and hearing about them over the phone. My mom wants to hang the quilt up on a wall, I'm not sure that's a great idea, then everyone will be able to see all the mistakes!! But I'm glad everyone liked the gifts. I did forget Heather-feather's gift at the house, so when the boys come next weekend, I'll smuggle it into the truck so it's not forogtten again.

I had a great holiday, Merry Christmas to everyone!! Love to all - bry and mark

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Amy and Brandon

Bry those crafts are SOOOOO CUTE! I wish I had an ounce of your crafting ability. I'm so jealous, I bet everyone loved there gifts.