Wednesday, December 9, 2009

pros vs cons

So, yesterday I started out early to get to work. It had snowed early Monday morning, but it wasn't a ton of snow. But it still took me an hour and a half to get about 10 miles from home. So, I called the office at 8am, and said I was turning around and heading back home. (I had stuff to work on from home.) And it took me about 45 minutes to get back home. I got started on work, and even went out to play with the dog while my drawings loaded. Bandit had loads of fun in the snow, playing around with snowballs and trying to sniff for trails. He would come back inside with his beard all full of snow. But there are pros and cons to working from home. A pro is getting whatever food I want from the fridge, a con is getting wet socks from going to the kitchen to get food. Also, I realized just how smelly my dog is. It's like perpetual wet dog smell, then dried, then more wet dog on top of that!! Little dog totally needs a bath.... My only worry with that is, as soon as I get him out of the tub, he'll run outside and freeze! (No, seriously, it has been 5 degrees for the past 2 days, he really would freeze!!)

Ok, so I know I haven't posted in a day or so, I'm not really sure... But I have been so busy trying to finish up the gifts. Monday I have a good excuse, it was the Packers vs Ravens game, and of course, we had to watch and cheer the Pack. Tuesday, I really did come home and craft something up, and yes it was for a gift! Tonight, Mark and I have a thing with church, but before that, we are going to IHOP for Stuffed French Toast, cuz I love that stuff so much! MMM!! I really have been trying hard to get the gifts done, I just need to quit being distracted by nonsense like football (ok!! I'm sorry about that one, I really was kidding!!) and new presents my friends get (it's really like, Oh look, a butterfly!!)!! I've just got a little bit more to go! Good news is, some of gifts can be sind AFTER Christmas, some of my friends are going to be out of town! So that relieves some pressure, plus the gifts that we are taking to Utah don't have to be done until that week. So Yayayayayayay! I seriously just a have a bit more to do, and looks like I will be asking Angie for help again.....Please?! Just keep your eyes peeled on Christmas, I will unveil all the gifts I made this year (I already have to post started and created!! and is scheduled to post Christmas morning!) I have been way excited about making my gifts, and I am already thinking about next year.... Ugh!! Next year is going to be easier, I'm going to start earlier!!

I started off really good doing my Daily December book, but with work and everything, I have fallen behind horribly! I thought it would be a cute idea, and it is, but I think it is more for the families with kids and daily activities, rather than Today we worked, and I crafted! and Today we worked and then went out to eat. So, I might put my idea aside for a while, or I might even make up pictures and get caught up.... Not sure.... Oh well, it was a fun idea.

Love, bry and mark

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At least you aren't as far behind on your daily December book as I am on my November thankful posts. :) I will definitely help you on Saturday or even Friday if you want.