Saturday, December 19, 2009

way to start a day?

So, I asked Mark last night what time he was getting up to go hunting this morning. He said 4:30. I said, ok, that's fine cuz I'll be snoozing! Well, he did try really hard to NOT wake me up, but Bandit wanted to know why I wasn't awake with Mark! He kept shoving his wet nose in my face and on my neck! I kept pushing him away but he really wanted me to wake up I guess. I told Mark yesterday, my plans to head to WalMart and then make some treats, plus I wanted to get our White Elephant gift for tonight. I figured he'd leave his card for me to use. Nope. He didn't even leave me the key to ky truck! But wait, he forgot his keys (his truck has a spare) and the key to my truck was on his key ring. (If I hadn't found his keys, I would NOT have been a happy wife!) But I found the key, and I am warming up the truck right now. I've gotta stop by WalMart for some stuff (I found Mark's credit card...) that we need. I'll post pictures of my creations. :) I made Cake Balls using Bakerlla's recipe found here. I used Milk Chocolate cake mix and Milk Chocolate frosting. They turned out great!!

So, did you know that when FedEx runs out of trucks for the holiday season, they rent U-Hauls?! Neither did I, until my mom called to tell me she got the box I sent (on Wednesday, no less!) and the guy in the FedEx driver pulled up in a U-Haul truck! That makes me like FedEx even more! Just thought you should know!

We just got done with our White Elephant/Dip party. We brought the Hot Wing Dip, that I really liked actually, but I kep eating everything else. Mark liked it too I think. But the gifts we brought were : Fish & Chips - I bought some chips from the DollarTree and I hopped over to PetSmart and bought 2 goldfish, put them in the box, with a note that said "Don't Shake, I'll break!" We also brought : A Romance Kit - I bought a romantic CD, fake rose petals, candles, gum, and costumes (pirate costumes were all they had) all from the dollard store, and put them in a box. I found some Santa Coal that said "Being naughty never tasted so sweet" and a notebook from Michael's that said Naughty on it (I have one that says NICE). It was lots of fun at this party. I had fun getting the gifts together.

Love, bry and mark

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