Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm a loser baby

So, I know I have totally been a slacker lately in regards to my blog posts! Trust me, I have a good excuse, I have been so busy with the gifts and getting everything ready for Christmas. I have to have everything sent out by next Wednesday for the gifts to get there by Christmas! So, I've been trying to crank them out! And I can't even post pictures of what I've been doing, cuz it'll spoil the surprise that is Christmas! Trust me, Mark doesn't even have a place to sit in the craft/computer room because all of my craft stuff is all over, and on every surface I can find! I can hardly walk around, I keep stepping on stuff, nothing's broken, but it's just a mess! Bandit doesn't even cross the threshold, he knows not to enter that room. (Bandit was even home alone for about 1/2 hour, and he had whole run of the house, and he didn't even come near the craft room, he found the remanants of the birthday cake "chocolate explosion" and finished that off, there was only about a 1/2 a piece left.) I have been getting tons done, and I really only have a little bit to go to finish up EVERYTHING! And trust me, I have a TO DO list, that I am checking things off. My priorities are in order, and I'm trying really hard to get things finished up and sent out! I have been so excited for Christmas, and so excited cuz I made the presents. I love making gifts and then having the people open them!! It's so fun! I think I have decided to put this little card in all the hand-made gifts this year : LOL! It just makes me crack up! There are some funny ones! Oh well, onward! Progress is always moving forward, and if I don't move forward as well, it means, Christmas is cancelled!! Here are some more of the funny things.... And just so you know, Mark's oldest brother and sister are both born on Christmas. I thought these were funny, and Mark sure laughed. Sorry if they are in bad taste...

Love to all - bry and mark

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