Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Here are Bry's new years resolutions.
1 : Try to keep the house clean
2 : Commit to the Dave Ramsey plan
3 : Follow thru with Project Life
4 : Enjoy being married and being in love (to keep the love going just like last year!)
5 : Count my blessings each day

Mark's new years resolution

To support my wife in all her ambitions

I would also like to go further with my blog. How much further, you might ask, what else could I possibly include on the blog? Not so much including more, but I really want to use the blog to relfect on things, and post more about us, not so much me. And that means I'll need Mark's help with that. I want to share what we do together, whether it's watching a movie, playing a game, reading a book, or watching funny YouTube videos. I want the blog to tell people how we're doing, but I'd also love to help someone, either thru crafts (there are sure to be plenty) or thru activities and fun. Mark and I have plans for 2010, and there will be quite a bit to blog about, at least I think there will, but I hope to post at least once a day, and I'd like Mark to post just once a week, more if he wants. But I would like to get him more involved in this blog, it does say Team Collard, right?! I'm sure he can find time in between his Viking Defense battles to blog a bit... I'm kidding, I don't want to make him feel bad. He's super busy, but I'd like him to join me for this. So onward, to 2010 and beyond!

Love - bry and mark

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