Sunday, January 3, 2010

23 and invinceable

So today, I turn 23. Blink-182 says No one likes you when you're 23. Howver, BOYSLIKEGIRLS say I'm 23 and invinceable got the world figured out and the bird on my shoulder told me everything is goin be alright. I like that saying best. Hmmm, it's funny, people asked me in November, when my birthday was, and then they'd ask how old I was. I seriously couldn't remember! I had to get out my calculater to subtract 1987 from 2009. Although, now it's 1987 from 2010. When I lived at home, it was easy to remember, my little brother Scott is 10 years younger than I am, for a while at least. I'm pretty sure he just truned 12 in November, and I'm 23. Also, my mom and dad's anniversary is 1 year and 10 days after my birthday, they are celebrating their 22nd anniversary. (I'm from her 1st marriage, relax ;)

Oh, it was so funny, Mark asked me the day before his 25th birthday, if I would still love him as a n old man in his late 20's, if I would still love him even when I was in my prime, my early 20's. I laughed, and told him we can only share that joke between the 2 of us, all of our friends are older than us. I am looking forward to this year for so many reasons. I am so excited for what this year has to offer. And there isn't the overshadowing/impending doom of a surgery coming up, so this year looks amazing!! I'm already starting it out better than last year, I didn't even post about my birthday last year!! Wow! Ready for an awesome year?

I'm 23 and invinceable!! Enjoy life!

Love, bry and mark

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