Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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So I've had a headache {migraine, if you will} since Saturday. And a bad one at that. I was almost to the point of tears today at work, it hurt so bad. I didn't even go to work yesterday. It feels like someone had a hand gripped white-knuckle around the left side of my brain and not letting up for any reason. It's been constant since waking up Saturday. I have moments where I'll be busy thinking of something else, and ignore my head or not notice the pain, but once I settle down for a minute *BAM* the pain is back in full force like it never really left. So, amid my pain, I am posting just a little snippet about it and posting a POTD. It's the Bandit again. I had to beat him today, he got into the house and chewed up my cushion AGAIN, he got the newspaper and the bathroom garbage and the kitchen garbage. But after that, I played tug of war with him, I get these great paper tubes from work (the big rolls of paper for the plotter come on them, they are heavy duty!!!) And he chews on them for a while, and makes a BIG mess.

But, things have been going good so far. I've still got to finish my project, not even crafting will take away my headache, what's wrong with me?! I'll be posting pics as soon as it's done and mailed away!!

Oh, I've got some appointments coming up. Feb 8 - I go in to see my Primary Dr, to get more insight on the migraines. Feb 17 - The stress test, treadmill, standard appt after cardio surgery. Feb 22 - Echo appt, standard after cardio surgery. Feb 24 - Cardiologist check up 1 year after surgery. April 5 - Neurologist appointment cuz I'm sick of migraines. Crossing our fingers that we find an answer!!

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I don't know if that link will work, I just copied and pasted it here. If that doesn't take you there, go to leeloublogs.blogspot.com and go to her free stuff link. Then click on blog buttons. She's got quite a few different ones :) Hope this helps. We sure miss you guys too. Are you still planning on moving back sometime this year??