Sunday, January 10, 2010

Packer Backer

So I was so excited for the game today! It didn't start out too good tho. BUT - we pulled away and got SO close to winning.... So close!! In the end, we lost, but it was in overtime, after AZ missed a 23 yard field goal. We played a pretty dang good game, and game the Cards a tougher time then the Vi-Queens did. Oh well, Aaron Rodgers is still my home boy!

We went over to Angie's to watch the game. Gerrit is out of town at a conference, and we came over, ate their food, and watched football. :) I crafted, and got lots done! I'm so excited, my project is turning out cute, I was kind of hesitant on the colors I picked, but it looks cute, I think the colors have grown on me.... I got some browies as a White Elephant gift, and I decided to bring them over and make them at her house. They were pretty dang good too!!

Here is the POTD for today : Shark in his home-made Cardinals jersey and me in my Rodgers jersey.

Shark made a Cardinals jersey in the minutes between church and heading to Ang's. My mom says Shark is the one that made us lose today. Not enough faith in the family or something. :)

love - the girl & shark

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