Thursday, January 21, 2010

Another Monday?!

I woke up late today. I have an excuse tho : I had a big headache last night {what else is new?!} but this time I took some Tylenol PM, it knocked me out flat! It was wonderful! So I woke up late this morning, got ready, started the trucks, locked out the dog, and went off to work. Well it must have Bring a hobo, Ski for Free day at the mountains today, cuz everybody was on the road with boards and skiis today. Well, I'm just driving to work, not really going crazy or anything, traffic is kinda bad, lots of people on the road. The guy behind was getting impatient. Impatient meaning he was swerving on the sides of me to see around to see if it was me going slow or the million of cars in front of me. (It really was the cars in front of me!) After driving with Shark, I've learned to give a following distance, so I'm not right on the car in front of me's hitch. So I was about a car-length back, well, the guy behind me couldn't handle that at all! He kept flashing his brights at me, and doing the sneak and swerve, just kind of bugging me. I hate when I can't see the headlights of the car behind me, I think they are too close if I can't see them. Well, I couldn't even see this guys windshield wipers, he was that close! I tapped on the brakes a few times, to hopefully get the message across GET AWAY FROM ME! Nope, he didn't catch that hint. So I roll down my driver window and wave him over next to me, signalling to go around. He doesn't take THAT hint either, so I find a spot to get in the right lane, and I go for it. He zooms up next to me, so he's riding right next to me, and totally gives me the stinky fish eye! I'm thinking, for real?! You're going to scuzz me?! So I let him go. I know people drive retarded everywhere, but I have found more jerk drivers our west. {Sorry CO and UT, it's true!} Not saying that everyone in the Wisco is nice as can be, but it's not every other person on the road back there that's a jerk, and it's usually only during a hunting season or football game, also the whole attitude of the state is dependent on the outcome of said football game. :) Oh well, here's hoping the day goes better!! If I'm 'lucky' I'll be going grocery shopping tonight.Yeah, real lucky!

I did get to go grocery shopping tonight, but I also got some more done on my project. Shark also got called in to work around 6:30, for an off hours emergency mouse job. He got that taken care of, and I got some crafting stuff for a side project I'm working on for an upcoming holiday....It has to do with the L featured in a POTD from Monday. :)

POTD for 1.21.10 is : the remains of the Wii Fit packaging. The Bandit has a craving for cardboard, and as soon as the box was in the house he started chewing on the corner. So we gave him the packaging inside the box.

Love, girl & shark

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