Monday, January 18, 2010

Case of the Mondays


So lately, I have had NO desire to get up on Mondays. None whatsoever. I've been waking up with a headache, and just feeling awful. So excuse really, just not feeling up to Monday, I guess. But I find myself at work, usually. Last week, I was so sick I stayed home. But this week, I did it. I'm here.

Yesterday we went and hung out with Angie and Gerrit, and watched the football games. We didn't watch the Vikings/Cowboys game, but heard about it and watched highlights. (Ugh is all I can and will say). We watched the Chargers/Jets game, and was very very surprised at the outcome of that one! Philip Rivers is pissed, and you can tell. Oh well. Ang's little one Kai has been feeling awful, so we went over to help her out (Shark went to watch the game and hang with Gerrit). Kai went down for a little bitty nap, and after the Tylenol kicked in, he was jumping around and playing cars with me and bouncing and running back and forth. Amazing how medicine can change how someone feels that fast! :) It was lots of fun hanging out with them, and we really enjoy their friendship!

So, I have already begun thinking about decorations for St. Patty's day. Yup, I'm THAT lame.... But the ideas are just that ((for now)) I've been putting me ideas into my little notebook, for next month.
Today, I had the ambition to go grocery shopping because I realized we are running out of food (like always) and so we have to stock up again. I think I am going to try making double what I usually make for dinner, so we have leftovers. This hasn't worked in the past, because Shark thinks that we have to eat the entire meal when we sit down to eat it. He is either scared of leftovers, or worried our fridge will eat the food in there, saving none for him. Slowly, I've been trying to convince reassure him that leftovers are good, and the food won't just disappear from the fridge. (We DO have a Bandit, but he's not THAT sneaky!) I think he's slowly understanding that food doesn't have to be devoured as soon as it's made. So I had the ambition, just lack of follow thru. I came home with a horrible headache, and so we sat around and watched Lost. Here is POTD for today, 1.18.10 : Lost on DVD and and L, the start of my new craft..... Just wait and see!! (Sorry for the picture being in the vert, my upload was being stupid, in My Pictures, it shows the pic being horizontal....)

Oh, and the POTD for 1.17.10 (Sunday) is this picture of my little dog being cute.....

Love, girl & shark

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Amy and Brandon

I love your puppy!!!! He needs to come meet koda!! I think they would have so much fun together! LOL at least she would have fun trying to out run him! LOL