Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going on so far.

2010 has been a sort of busy year, at least for the 5 days that have made up 2010 so far. But even though it has been kinda busy, I haven't been pulling my hair out trying to get things done. I haven't been losing sleep with stress, and both Shark and I have been kinda lazy.... I mean, come on, the Christmas tree is still up, and all our holiday decorations are still hanging on the walls and on the shelves. So yeah, you could call us lazy. Either way, we've had stuff going on this past week.

Shark got a deer this past weekend, while he was hunting in Nebraska, and we've been going to great lengths to keep the Bandit from eating it. Shark just wants to test out the meat grinder he got from his mom Santa. I don't blame him, I want to see it in action too. Pretty soon we'll have venison hamburger and venison summer sausage. MMMMM!

I got my Project Life kit and I have been assembling it for the past 2 days. I haven't even had time to try out my new Cricut carts yet! I'll get to those tonight, when I cut out a bunch of stuff for my PL binder. Last weekend, while Shark was in NE, I had started to organize my craft ideas (from my little notebook) but I only got half way, because I took Bandit to the dog park, and then headed to Chuck E. Cheese. (See : here I am!!)

 So, I would like to finish that, at least get all the ideas written down and put into the binder (I started a project binder, so I can keep pics and new ideas in it, so I don't lose them or forget about them, some of the ideas are pretty dang good!)

Ooh, and I converted to the NEW (and improved) blogger editor. It's got the strike through, which I really wanted, and it uploads pics so much easier and better, I like the new editor a lot.

And for a potd, here you go. A peek into my craft room.

I've got my Cricut on, cardstock ready, carts out, boxes open, I think I see my phone, and my PL out, and oh yes, there is a coonskin cap on my table as well...

love to all - girl & shark