Monday, January 25, 2010


Ok, so lately, my head has been killing me, not literally, but it feels like it. So, in my rage of pain, I took off to Walgreens today, I had a prescription to pick up, so I decided I'd do and grab anything and everything off the shelf that said HEADACHE RELIEF on it. This weeks starting line up is today's Picture Of The Day.

Now, just because I have all of these doesn't mean I take them all at the same time. Give me some credit! I've been taking pills all my life, I know better than that. But, I figured, I should try everything at least once, to see if there is something out there that can stop my headaches. [And to that butthole doctor that said my migraines are average and unoriginal, pppbbbbbtttttttttttttt! If''n I'm so dang average, how come no can figure out what's wrong with me?!?! Really! I bought all these in hopes that something works. {please?}

Anyways, so today was an ok day, I stayed home from work today, I just slept right thru everything. I'll explain it all tomorrow, well, we'll see how my head feels in the morning. Shark is still at work.... And it seems like it's time for me to test out the new humidifier I just bought.

love ~~>

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