Monday, January 4, 2010

New boots and potd

So, I have always wanted some tall boots (well, tall-ish boots), but I could never find a pair that didn't have a dangerous high heel on them. Until Saturday! Ta Da!!

Since I am starting my Project Life, I will try to post pictures for everyday, So I am going to do "double journaling" - since I am going to be creating my Project Life AND I'm going to try to keep everything updated on here. I know that I am already behind, so I've got to get the pictures off my camera and onto the blog, and I also need to steal some pics from Angie.... (please?!) But I've got a plan of attack for both of these things, and keeping up to date with both. Now, here's my deal : I know right now that I will probably fall behind on 1 or both of these projects, but that't the beauty of blogging and scrapbooking, if I don't get to it that day, I can always go back tomorrow or even next week. I am going to try to not be stressed or worried about these. And in not being stressed, I will try not to lose sleep over it either. I'm going to be writing everything down, I doodle enough at work, might as well write my days down! The reason I am going to try not to get too hung up on these "daily" tasks, is cuz we're pretty sure this year is going to be kinda crazy, look at last year for example. Our lease is up in June/July, and we'll be looking for a cute little house to rent and that means we'll be moving sometime in there, we're not really a fan of the lease and stuff....So we're moving out of this little house at that time. So that is definitly on the books for this year.

So, I am going to try to give a picture of the day (potd) every day, and on days I miss, I'll catch up later that week, so don't think I forgot or anything, ask Mark, I don't really forget a whole lot, at least not for long. :)

potd for 1-4-10 is

Bandit sleeping on a sleeping bag while Mark and I watched The IT Crowd.

Love - girl & shark

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I thought I emailed you an invite to my picasa albums, maybe it was after you posted this? If not let me know and I can send them again. :) Feel free to use any of the pictures.