Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mario beat Bowser AGAIN!

So, most of the posts for this year are going to be pretty boring. I'm just warning everybody now. If not boring, then completely pointless. I apologize in advance, but there's nothing I can or will do about it. :) I'm just not that exciting (and yes, when I thought the word EXCITING, I thought it with a Scottish accent, like Scotty in the new Star Trek.) See. Lame.

Today, it was the same old same, I went to work, helped show the guys how to print from their computers, and eventually just printing the stuff myself. Yup. Shark had a different day. Today was the 2nd (and last) day of the trial. He got called in for jury duty, and he got selected. But he found out today, he was the alternate. So, he got to get out of work (and still get paid) and go thru the trial, he even said he took really good notes, and then when the jury went in to deliberation, they said he could go home. He didn't even stick around to see what the verdict was, he was sorry about that, tho. He wished he would have stayed, but he had some Goombas to stomp. After work, we played Mario for a while, then went shopping, then came home and played more Mario.

I was cleaning up the living room (sort of but not really) and I found a really OLD Primary craft. Last Father's Day I made a bunch of ties for the kids to give to their dad's. I found one under the couch, and tucked it into Bandit's collar. So that is the POTD for today.

Love, girl & shark

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