Thursday, January 28, 2010

That's incorrect

So, on the radio this morning, my country station had a Medium {psychic} on giving advide or info to people over the phone. First of all, I don't believe in that stuff, I believe that after this life, our spirits have a place to go, have something to do, so they aren't just hanging around us, I believe they visit us sometimes, in special places, but they aren't just hanging out. Secondly, I think there would need to be a face to face contact, not something over the phone. Give me a break. I felt myself wanting to call in, just to prove this lady wrong. But I didn't call in. I don't have a reason to [aside from choving it back in the lafy's face as my own personal vendetta, just to say HA] and I'm not letting that kind of thinking into my life. But I listened the whole wasy to work, which is odd, I usually turn the channel when the station has a medium on (they have them on quite a bit....). I listened as this one caller asked about health and who was "around her" - the medium kept "feeling" how this caller's back was causing her pain, the caller said No, I'm not in any pain. The medium said there was a sister figure around this caller, the caller said No, I don't have a sister and no females I know have died. It reminded me of a cartoon {or something} I saw when I was little, someone called in to get a psychic reading, and the "psychic" was just throwing darts at a board, and the comments and feelings were so general, they worked for everybody that called in. Hmmmm.... Do you think that throwing darts could work at my job? And could I charge $125 an hour? I think it's worth a shot.... But anyways, the medium on the radio made me laugh today.

Also, I've had people butt-dial me before, but very seldom do they answer the phone with their butt. For instance, I called Shark this morning, and the call was picked up, but then all I heard was his CD player and what I think was the inside of his pocket. I think it would be strange to hear a little voice shouting my name, coming from my pocket. That's why I have a loud, somewhat embarassing ringtone, I jump on that like a Mormon mother on the clearance rack. (Don't hate, I jump on that rack too, and I'm not even a mom yet!)

I've been really edgey lately, and I'm sorry. I've been pretty frustrated with the headache that has plauged me the last 5 days. However, Tuesday night, Shark and I were both struggling with what to do and how to fix it, We stayed up and talked for a while, and finally turned to prayer. I went to bed Tuesday night with the aid of NyQuil and a half dose of sleep aid, I woke up Wednesday morning feeling better than I had all week. My head still hurt, but it was a different kind of hurt, not the poking, not changing kind of unrelenting pain, this new pain fluctuated and kind of throbbed. Wednesday night, Shark and I just hung out, we finished the last episode of season 5 of Lost [so excited for season 6!] and I crafted a bit. Really, my crafting was a test. A test to see how I was feeling. I really want to finish my project for Steve and Heather's baby girl! I need to get it done this week, so I can send it out! Upon completing the craft last night, I have cleared myself to work on the project! But not tonight, tonight is Bunko. Hopefully I'll finish it up Friday and Saturday, and hopefully have it mailed off on Saturday!!

Tonight at Bunko it was a much needed night with the girls. But first, I went to Wal-mart to get some stuff I needed to get, chocolate for bunko.... And as I was browsing around WalMart (I had an hour or so!) I came upon the movie bins. I looked and I thought I saw Harry Potter in the bin! Could it be?! It was! I found the Harry Potter movies in one of those cheapie movie bins! Now, I double checked that someone didn't just toss them in there unwanted, but there were more copies of the HP movies! Yayayay! Shark likes those movies alot, and he had asked for them for Christmas (he got an air compressor, no complaints) so I scrounged around for the first 4! Score! I got to the checkout, and she rang the newest one up first, it was $9, I said the price was wrong, she said no it wasn't I said I don't care, I still want the movie. Well, they were all $9!! FAIL! I bought them anyways. I get home totally defeated, I tell Shark my story of the wrong price. He says he really wanted those movies, so he's happy, but how come I didn't get the 4th movie? WHAT?!?! Apparently, my memory of Mr. Potter is not as good as I thought, I got 1, 2, 3, & 5. I skipped the Goblet of Fire movie. I tell Shark, it's my aversion to the fairy vampire in that movie.... He laughed. He had a Harry Potter night while I was at bunko. :)

I'll post a POTD tomorrow, it's late tonight, and I want to snuggle......

Love -

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