Thursday, January 14, 2010

Man Blog

Man Blog-

This is Mark, and I am now entering the world of bloggers. Bryana has given me multiple opportunities, and plenty of suggestions that she does not want to be the only one writing on our blog; thus, the Man Blog.

Since I committed to write this several things have happened to or around me. I built a kiln, and attempted to smelt aluminum to make a knife handle. There might be pictures if I can talk Bryana into putting them on the computer, if not I'm sorry, you're not missing out on much anyhow. I went hunting twice, but did not take any pictures. One hunt my Dad and Brother Kurt came out and we went to nebraska, I shot a little whitetail with my shotgun, adding deer to it's list of kills. On our way home we saw a coyote and jumped out and shot that too. I got the coyote skinned, and the deer is cut up into edible sizes and life looks pretty good. The other hunt I went on was much less succesful. I decided to load up the Bandit and head out to Yuma to do some pheasant hunting, we walked around for a long time in fields that have been grossly overhunted since november when the season opened, but Bandit chased me up 2 birds, and one was even a rooster. Sadly though since it had been 4 hours since we saw a bird I was caught off gaurd when he jumped up, and missed the shot, sorry Bandit. On the way home somewhat dejected over getting skunked I saw field full of geese , and thought to try my luck there, to no avail. Turns out it was private and the owner quite adamately did not want me hunting his property.

The following monday I was on jury duty, which is all in all not as bad as people make it out to be, they give you all the free hot chocolate you want, and have magazines to read while you wait. I was selected as a juror, and attended the case, which took all of 2 days to complete. It interesting to see the legal system at work, and the compitition between the oposing lawyers. I was very dilligent and took quite detailed notes, and just as we the jury were heading back to deliberate, the judge called my name and told me that I was the alternate and would not be given a vote. But as it turns out it didn't matter anyway the was clearly not enough evidence to convict him even though the prosecuting lawyer did a very good job. Since then, I've just been working and have now started the my blog.

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I'll bet it's a lot different sitting with the jury instead of in front of the judge, eh? :)