Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crafting for Feb

So, I "stalk" quite a few blogs, and sometimes when I'm at work bored with nothing to do, I link up to other blogs and see what they got. Well, I honestly can't remember which blog I linked thru to find this Be Mine board at Inspiring Creations, but I saw it ONCE and it stuck in my mind. I kept thinking of different ways to create it. She used vinyl, I used paper and Mod Podge. That's really the only difference I could think of. After seeing it once, I ended up creating mine almost EXACTLY like her's! Wow! I'm also really surprised I found it again! I didn't save the page or anything. (I went to Google and clicked 'blogs' and typed in Be Mine Board. And it popped up!!) I'm hoping to make some decorations for most holidays, so our house looks "festive" - so more V-Day decor to come.

Also, everyone once in a while Wal-Mart will have a really good deal on crafting stuff. "Be Crafty" must one of the top resolutions because good WalMart had a great buy on a craft bundle. So I snagged one, crossing my fingers to get a good deal and that something (just something) worth my money would be in there. I got paper, some clear stamps (not sure how to use them, I'll have to ask Ang), I got am album, some paper, some page accents (in baby colors, yay for pages for Feather!), I got some cardstock letter stickers (woo-who!! so excited for those!) and a whole bunch of embellishments (I'm excited to put them in my Project Life), and I also got a layout book, full of ideas for new layouts and new scraping ideas!! So, that $15 was worth it. I was kind of hesitant, but really happy that I picked one up. :)

Love, girl and shark (he's sleeping already...)

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