Saturday, January 2, 2010

First craft of the year!

For New Years Eve, I went and hung out with Michelle and Angie and their families. (It was just me, cuz Mark is hunting with his dad and brother.) I've had an idea for a craft since before December, but I wasn't going to add ANY more crafts to me list during that month. But when I saw that Michael's had rubiks puzzle cubes in the $1 bins, I HAD to grab some. So, for New Years, the girls made personal rubiks cubes!! I got the idea from Love, Actually. And I printed out the instructions from here, and we made the cubes while Gerrit and Casey Ole played Vegas Showdown online. Angie made one out of family pics, Michelle made hers with pictures of her 2 girls, and I made one out of wedding pics (of course!!). They turned out super cute. Here is what mine looks like.

Happy new year, trust me, there is more to come already!! :)

Oh, and I figured out why you can't click on some pictures to enlarge them, it's because when I insert a photo on my blog, Blogger puts in these random line breaks, and I don't like them, so I delete them. Well, when I delete them, it changes the whole html photo code, so I have been going back into old posts and re-up-loading the pictures, so if you go back thru, you should be able to click on the pictures and enlarge them. I know Michelle was asking me, because she wanted to really be blinded by our pale-ness on the Honeymoon photos. Well, enjoy the last moments of your sight Michelle Shock!!

Love to all - the girl & shark