Thursday, January 7, 2010

differences in my projects

Ok, so I said before that I was going to be "double-journaling" well, that's not really true. I will be posting a Picture of The Day here on the blog, it's fun and it makes me think a bit. But I have decided how I want to go about creating my Project Life. I want it to be about me and Shark (and not so much just me), so each day I will take a picture of what we do together or really just what we do. Like the 1st and 2nd of this month will be pics of me, cuz Shark was hunting in Nebraska. And I know that if the picture has our faces in it, it can't have much else, so we may just have a bunch of pics of our feet and hands or something like that. But I think that is how I want to make my Project Life go. Also, I discovered how the DesignStudio (that Shark's mom Santa got my for Christmas) works, and I can change or fix or manipulate the letters to do what I want!! I'm so excited, plus, I can totally get everything I want on 1 page and then just print it, and walk away! Awesome! So, I will be doing that tonight, searching the house for my work ID card, and sometime in the middle there, I'll be heading to IHOP with the girls for a dinner!! :) Yayayayay!

So, changing actually figuring out my plan of attack for the PL, means I might have to fudge some of the pictures, but I wrote it all down, so I remember what I did which day, I need it so I can journal the info in. It won't be too bad, I think the album will be pretty dang cute, I'm excited to get it going, and making it awesome!!! I've got all kinds of ideas for it, and cute little quirky things to put in it, and little additions to make it US. (Down to letting Bandit walk on it, just to add his touch to the album. We'll see....) Once I get the first few pages created, I'll post pics of them. I don't have the pictures in them yet, I've still got to order them from :) but I'll get the layouts ready and show everybody!!

Love - girl & shark

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Amy and Brandon

Bre you are SOSOSOSOSOS Amazing!! You make me so jealous!! Can I ask what Project Life is??? It sounds interesting?