Saturday, January 9, 2010

conclusion...or not

So my POTD for yesterday was our feet with the Crusoe DVD. Well we finished it tonight, well the episodes at least. Too bad the series ends in a cliff hanger!! I feel totally jipped!! The last episode ends with Crusoe still stuck on the blasted island, his wife figured out why that creepy old guy is helping her out, she got her kids back, and Olivia is helping her out for some reason unknown. So Shark and I were ready to watch the final episode and then all the sudden the Main Menu pops up. THAT WAS THE FINAL EPISODE!! Dang you NBC, how can you just LEAVE him on the island. You couldn't have knocked out a pointless episode, like the one with the coming of age games? You couldn't have resolved everything in that last episode?! I hate you for dragging me along on a pointless adventure. I don't want another season, just 1 last episode, to answer the questions, to reunite Crusoe with his wife and kids, to just explain why Olivia is helping them (kind of) and to get Blackthorn out of the way for good!! I guess I will never know. Anger.

Today, Shark took Bandit out shooting somewhere not close by (I say somewhere cuz I'm not actually sure where they went....) and I hung out with Teri and Angie and crafted pretty much all day. Shark says Bandit ran about 80 miles today, he chased jack rabbits and birds all over, and the Bandit came home and wanted to play!! I have no idea how that dog has so much energy. Wirehairs are pretty much the best hunting dog I've even seen, but if I could change 1 thing, it would be: they wouldn't be so blasted energetic!! Gear down, turbo...for real!! But I got my fabric cut for a new project, and I hope to start it during the week, or this next weekend. Who knows. But I'm pretty dang excited about this project. Now, if it can turn out how I have it pictured in my head.... It'll look amazing. Plus, I bought a some materials for a little tiny V-Day decor project, and I have at least 1 more V-Day decor project in mind.... And I made a little bracelet.

I saw it on a blog called Sister's Stuff, and figured I'd try to make one. It worked pretty good, now all I need to do is get to the temple and try it out. It's a bracelet to hold the name when I go thru the temple, cuz I'm always dropping mine, and I only have 1 pocket, which holds my chapstick and lifesavers.

And here is the POTD for 1.9.10 : fabric! The fabric strips I cut out today!!

Love to all - girl & shark

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