Saturday, January 16, 2010

V-Day crafting (revised)

So, I was "stalking" some blogs again, and was surfing thru and found this blog called The Girl Creative, and loved the idea of this heart wreath! (I actually found the flickr page first, but got the blog one way or another.) Seriously, I cannot beleive I couldn't think of an easy way to make a wreath for Valentine's Day!! My mind was blank. I guess I'm not as creative as I boast.... ;) But I saw this wreath, and went DUH!! That's so easy, and I have everything for it (I have TONS of scraps!!) so last night I had my amazing strong husband cut the hanger and bend it to his will!! {Muahahhaahhaa} He shaped into a beautiful heart that I seriously could NOT have made. And Voila!! Yes it's crooked, no I don't care. :)

So now, I'm trying to think of more things to do for Valentine's day... I bought these cute little mailboxes from Target, and Teri made this way cute Heart garland out of felt, she had tons and gave some to me and Ang. And I've got an idea for at least 1 more thing to make. (I've been trying to make things with what I already have around the house.) I think I might resort to crayon shavings in wax paper hearts! Those looks cute anyways! Here's pics of the other stuff.

And here's more Valentine's Day decor. I made the Kisses 4 25 cents board today, I saw one at Teri's house, but I made mine different. I made the LOVE blocks 2 years ago with a Super Saturday group.

Also, today I made some S'mores on a stick. I used this recipe and idea from Gimme Some Oven. So easy and delicious!! They are a hit! Woot Woot! This is the treat for January!!

love - girl & shark

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