Sunday, January 24, 2010

ta da?!

Just kidding! Nothing big happening here at all. We just watching the NFC Championship game, the Vi-Queens are out, looks like Prince's song was a funeral dirge for the Vikes.... You Fail. Anyways, we went over the Angie's and Gerrit's to watch the games. Her and Teri had me revisit my crocheting side, I struggled for a bit, but finally ended up making a flower, it was a messed up looking flower, but a flower it was! See:

But Ang helped me create the signature at the bottom of my post!! I am so excited for the signature! Thank you so much for helping me, Angie! I really would NOT have made a cute signature, and I don't know the programs at all. I would be lost without you!

And the POTD for 1.24.2010 is : Bandit's Beard. I was taking pictures, and he kept crawling towards me, trying to eat my fingers. He's a such a funny doggie!!

Love to all -

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