Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner and a new game

Shark and I got this BuyOneGetOne coupon for Gunther Toody's and everyone at work was telling me how awesome the food was. So I figured we'd go there to eat. Well, I shouldn't let my expectations get that high! I was so disappointed! BUT!! The real reason I wanted to head out that was, is because I checked online at the Wal-Mart out there, to see if they had the new Wii Fit Plus, it said online that they did. We got there, they did not!! So I called across town to Target to see if they had it. They did! AND she ever put one on reserve for me!! So, after eating, Shark and I went to go get the new game. It's pretty fun, and I was working pretty hard at the hula hoop game, sweating and everything. (Shark is doing yoga right now, it's pretty cute, he got a big grin on his face when I asked him if he was doing yoga!) I would like to get on the Wii board every night for a half hour or so, I figure, if I can blog twice a day, I can get my lazy behind on there and get my blood pumping! I'm pretty excited about it!!

We found something out on the Wii Fit, there is a PET STATS button. We made a Pet Mii for Bandit, and it takes his weight! It's so fun! They didn't have a dog with a beard, so we picked the closest one, it's a speckled pup with a sissy bark. So, on the Wii Fit menu, it shows me, Shark and Bandit! It's pretty fun!! :) We found out that Bandit weighes 73 lbs.! Fat dog!! (kidding!!)

POTD for 1.20.10 is : the new Wii Fit Plus with Shark's feet on the board.

Love, girl and Shark

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