Monday, January 11, 2010


So before Christmas, Shark got a SUMMONS in the mail. He was summoned for Jury Duty on Jan 11. Well, he went today, and he got picked. So he'll be at jury duty for a few days. Plus, he totally gets to sleep in! I'll see if he'll tell about it.

Today I was home sick, I got up in time for work, and I was heading out the door, and my stomach turned over. No idea what it is, or was. I've been drinking lots of tea, and I slept all morning. Shark came home for lunch today. Then when he got home, we played Mario Wii, we beat the game, and now we're going thru it again to get the coins. Today was just a lazy day, but I feel tons better tonight, as I lay down to go to sleep.

Bandit tore apart the house again yesterday. He drug a sleeping bag outside, my boots (my brand new birthday boots!!), Shark's boots, Shark's fishing tackle bag, he chewed up my advent calendar, he knocked down the shelf the old Nintendo, he got the bathroom garbage, he got the cushion, and all Shark's soda cans. So, from now on, our little beast of a dog is going to be outside when we're gone. No more being nice to the mean dog. He's got fur for a reason, so he can stay outdoors and stay warm. It's not cuz he's bored, Shark takes the dog hunting all the time, and we play with him. Today he got to stay in the house because I was home all day. But ttomorrow, Shark is locking Bandit's doggie booty outside!!

So far, that's all that's been going on this week. POTD for today is my tea stuff. And Shark's JUROR sticker.

love, girl and shark

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