Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas gift part 2

So, here are the gifts that I didn't get on the first post. I am still waiting on some pics from my mom. I didn't get a pic of my little brother's gift. But, here is what I got Shark's mom.

I know that she really likes The Wizard Of Oz, and I had all those wooden filing cabinets. Well, I had Shark break them all apart, and I used the "door" of the cabinets. I spray painted them Nickel (cuz I LOVE that color!) and hooked up with my "vinyl lady" Angie, and printed out the quotes, I cut out the silouttes of the characters with an exacto knife.

This gift for Jena isn't really a Christmas gift, it's a birthday present. And I completely spaced making a wallet and flip flops for her! (How did I do that?!) We sent them a gift card for an Xbox game. So I whipped up a wallet for her birthday. I *love* the colors for this one! It turned out so freaking cute! I hope she likes it! But here it is. Colors are black and tie-dye(?) psycadelic!!

Ta da for gifts! Oh, and I might be thinking of going to the Mile High Flea Market again this year. Sell some wallets, flip flops, and maybe some chickenwire boards (I have to see how many boards I have left...). It was fun last year, and I'm excited to try it again. Who knows. But that's just what I'm thinking....

love - girl & shark

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