Thursday, January 7, 2010

about me

1. Where is your cell phone... on the desk next to my Cricut

2. Your hair... down, short and not done at all today

3. Your awesome

4. Your father... is a pretty cool guy

5. Your favorite food... buffalo wings

6. Your dream from last night... about people I went to elementary school with (all grown up), we were shooting bow at a Cabela's and grilling raccoons....

7. Your favorite drink...milk

8. Your dream/goal... to have a dishwasher

9. What room are you in... craft/computer room

10. What is your hobby... crafting, blogging

11. What is your fear...that I won't amount to anything, I won't find a purpose

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years... happy and healthy with healthy kids!!

13. Where were you last night... watching Crusoe with Shark

14. Something you are not... organized

15. Muffins?... lemon poppy seed are the best

16. Wish List items... time, yeah, and cardstock

17. Where did you grow up... Wisconsin

18. Last thing you did... loaded paper into the Cricut, it's cutting

19. What are you wearing... jeans, I'm heading to iHop

20. Your TV.... only plays DVD's and video games, no cable (no we don't want it)

21. Your pet... is a speckled bearded pup

22. Your friends... are freaking awesome!

23. Your life... is fantastic

24. Your mood... excited

25. Missing someone... the whole family (both sides and all in between)

26. Vehicle... Checvy pickup

27. Something your not wearing... shoes

28. Your favorite store...Target

29. Your favorite color... blue and black, sometimes I'm nuts for pink tho

30. When's the last time you laughed... when Bandit would peek in at me (he's not supposed to come in the craft room) POTD for 1-7-10 :

31. When's the last time you cried... a week or so ago

32. Your best friend... is freaking amazing and awesome, and so dang creative!

33. One place you go over and over...WalMart

34. One person who emails me regularly... my dad

35. Favorite place to eat?... Chili's

That's just a little bit about The Girl.... I found it on a blog, and I decided to post a little bit.

Thank you girls for a wonderful night out! I'm pretty proud about the fact that we closed down that iHop, and the food was pretty good, even though we should have got the senior discount by the time we got out of there. You are the best friends ever!! :)

love, the girl & shark

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