Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We've been JAMMED

So, whenever we go over to Ang's, her littlest one Kai, always grabs my phone, holds it up to his ear and pretends to talk. I let him have my phone because it's hard to unlock, you've got hit the OKAY and then * or something, so he can't unlock it (usually), one day Ang started playing the music on there, and when Shark called in the middle of Kai "jam session" he handed me the phone and said 'Uh oh!' It was so cute! So I have been going thru my music on my iTunes (my library from work, I have tons of music...) and picking out songs that Kai would like. Also, I am censoring my tunes. I like some of the punk bands, and every now and then, a naughty word will slip in, if so, that song is OFF the list. (I don't want the kiddos learning words like that, from me, at least!) So, I will put these tunes onto my phone, and they can also be used as ringtones. I've got one of those Mini SD cards, and the bigger SD card that it fits in, it's a pretty neat set up. Saturday and Sunday, Kai just walked around with my phone almost the whole time. He's pretty dang cute. We'll see if we can get some good tunes for him. :) I think I've got the hook up with music.

So, tonight, I got home from work, and was getting things ready with my sewing machine. At Enrichment last night, we made baby blankets for vitims of fetal demise, when babies are still born, or die before full term. Some of the blankets were teeny tiny. It was a good activity. Thanks Ang for picking me up and getting me to go, it was a great night. I got my machine ready, switched out my black thread for white thread. As I was getting my machine ready, I put in the pink thread for the quilt I'm making, and quick sewed up the letters for the quilt. As I did this, Shark cooked dinner!! He made Spaghetti with venison meat sauce! It was delicious!! The letters turned out super freaking cute!! I took some pictures of the parts of the quilt, and showed some of my friends who are in to quilting. They liked it, I think. The quilt is about hald way, but I am super excited about it, it is really starting to turn out really really cute! At this point I just want to get it done, but we have so much going on, so many potential plans, that I can hardly sit down for 20 minutes to sew a bit. But I'm thinking this weekend I'll get some time, Shark is planning on going on hunting again, or at least Brett (his hunting buddy) is planning on going hunting with Shark this weekend. So that means, I get Saturday all to myself for sewing and crafting!!

Here's the POTD for 1.19.2010 : A picture of the quilt parts, not yet assembled, more in a pile-ish.

Love, girl & shark

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