Sunday, January 17, 2010

potd for yesterday

I've been trying hard to keep up to date with my photo of the days - sometimes I just lose track... So for Friday, my POTD is : The heart wreath I created!!

And POTD for today is : My Christmas tree in it's final hour!! I took it down today.

Shark and I bought a red/green Christmas box to put all our decorations and things in last year, and last year, everything barely fit! Well, I managed to fit everything into the box again this year! And that was including my new additions, like the Nativity board, and my countdown blocks, and my ribbon basket, and those new ornaments Shark's mom sent me! I was pretty proud of myself for getting everything in the box again!

I had Shark bring in the other arm chair (maybe tomorrow I'll get a picture of the beauty that is the chairs), and one of the new *free* end table we got (the one with the basket underneath, we scored two of them when we had the paper route). But without the tree, our itty-bitty living room looks so much bigger and open! I love it!! Yayayay! So maybe this means, if my house starts to feel small, I'll just whip out the Christmas tree for a few weeks. Hahaha, kidding!! I've got some more crafts in the works (like always) and I'll be sure to post them when I get them done. :)

Love - girl & shark

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