Wednesday, November 11, 2009

27 Days of Thankful - 11

Day 11 : I am thankful for books on CD! Both Mark and I listen to books on CD's. His family kind of got us onto it, they have Harry Potter on CD, and we listened to those all the time. Then Mark discovered that listening to something makes his day go so much faster, to I bought him an iPod and out tons of books on it (it's one of those old school 20gb brick ones) and I listen to books while I'm at work. I have to have something in the background, or my mind wanders and then I think up more and more crafts that I have no time to do. So books on CD have been our new love. They have tons of the library, we just copy them to iTunes and then put them on the iPod. Libraries are fantastic!! It's free, and if they don't have something, you can request it! It's awesome! So, we're going thru the library's CD section to find new things. :) Plus, Mark and I listen to the books when we go places, like when we drive to Utah and back, it is so good to have something that can capture your attention for all 6 hours!

What are you thankful for today?!

love to all, bry and mark

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