Sunday, November 22, 2009

Carrots will not fix a broken heart

We have discovered our little dog is distracted with food. So, when we lock him out, or put him the backyard or the kitchen, we always put him with some foot like a carrot or a banana or some PB on bread. Either way he usually is ok with whatever we do then. Sunday, however, the distraction was not working. We put him in the kitchen with the gate up, so we could eat our steaks in peace, we didn't want him begging everybody. So I gave him a carrot, he grudgingly took it and immediately dropped it by the gate. He then rested his head on the gate and watched us eat, with those big sad brown eyes! He whined a bit, and even sighed and moaned about how he was stuck in the kitchen with a CARROT and we had steak. He has done thie before. For a while we locked him out of the house completely, and it was my turn one day. Mark had alreday left and I was locking the pup out, and gave him a carrot, he moped into the backyard, laid down with his carrot still in his mouth, just looking at me! So sad!!! I usually call Mark on our way to work, just to talk and say good morning. If I'm the last one to leave, he asks, What was your little dog saying? And that day I replied with "Carrots do NOT fix a broken heart, mom!!!" Cuz that is what he would have said if he could say anything! He was so sad and disappointed to be getting a carrot! But he took it, with an "if I must" attitude! He's such a funny little dog. And he really does like carrots, and bananas. He just really likes to eat them in the living room with us. I like having my cute little Bandit, he really has been lots of fun to have! And it's not like he doesn't have things to eat or chew on in the backyard. He has 4 deer legs/hooves out there, so he's got PLENTY!! He has been in heaven for the past 2 days, chewing on bones and eating scraps. Thoroughly enjoying life as a dog. He's even got his own spot in the sun! Saturday, I was home all day with him, and every now and then, he would be outside for a long time, and I'm not worried, he lives out there, it's his yard. But I was curios as to what he was getting into, or out of! So, I peaked out all the windows, and eventually found him (he kinda blends in with the dead grass) over by the fence, just laying in the sun! He's a pretty cute little dog!

Love to all - bry and mark

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