Friday, November 13, 2009

27 Days of Thankful - 13

Day 13: I am thankful for FREE stuff!! I am thankful for getting free stuff from work, free stuff from neighbors, free stuff from the side of the road. I am thankful for free trials, free samples, free energy saving offers. Free coupons that get me free stuff, free limited time offers, free tutorials, free ideas, free blogs, free friends! I am so thankful that people are willing to share their ideas for free, and show me how to do it for free! I am thankful that people put the word FREE on things on the side of the road, and thankful that I am the first one to drive by and pick it up! I am thankful for free tickets, free shows, free events, free gift just for entering. I am a sucker for free things, most times, I'll sign up for something just because there is something free attached (this has gotten me into trouble, and I have had movie moratoriums and crafting moratoriums before...) I am thankful for Buy 1 get 1 free deals (I figure, if I'm going to buy it anyway, might as well get something free, however, I do know that buy 4 get 1 free deals are usually bogus.) I am thankful for people at church that send emails out about the deals of the week, and I am thankful for blogs like Cheapie Cheapie that spot all the free deals. I am so thankful for free stuff!! (The free stuff I have collected this year are going to be my Christmas presents, I will post when Christmas is here, I don't want to spoil anything!)

What are you thankful for today? Check out what Amanda is thankful for.

Love, bry and mark