Sunday, November 8, 2009

27 days of thankful - 8

DAy 8 : I am thankful for my cellphone (and Mark's cell phone). This weekend, Mark is in Nebraska, and I am here in Colorado, trying to finish as much of my Chirstmas presents as possible (without my hunk of love distracting me!). So, he called to read with my last night, and just to talk to me. It would not have been possible to hear his voice at all this weekend if not for cell phones. When we were engaged, I lived in Colorado, and Mark lived in Utah. But we talked to each other every night before we went to sleep. I would cradle my cell phone against my ear to hear every word he said, every breath. He would lay on his cell phone (his shoulders don't hold the phone against his ear as good as mine did....) and listen intently as I tell him about my day and what I did with the apartment. We counted down the days to when he would join me in Colorado, because then we would be married! I love that I can call my mom in the middle of Walmart asking what a type of ingredient is and which row I can find it in. I love being able to call my sister on the way home from work, and aske her how her day is, and how she likes being married. I love being able to reach anyone at anytime, or have people reach me. I also love being able to text GOOGLE for directions, or locations of food places, or stores. That GOOGLE text thing has been so helpful since we moved here! We were lost all the time! I love being able to go to the store and calling my brother for his birthday, and shop for power tools at the same time! I love being able to text into my bank account for a balance! Genius! Plus, my new cell phone (from my amazing husband!!) has Guitar Hero on it, so that rocks too! :)

Thankful for my husband, and for making me think of him last night. He is the idea for this post!

What are you thankful for today? Look at Amanda's blog to see more thankful!!

love bry and mark

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I often wonder how we got along before cell phones. I love having mine but sometimes I'd like to just throw it out the window...LOL.

Amanda @ Serenity Now

Don't know what I'd do without my cell, even thought it has a big "X" in the screen! :)