Monday, November 23, 2009

nor will they fix a hole under the fence

So, I came home today, expecting my little pup to be waiting at the gate when I pulled up. I even kind of whistled (it's not really my forte), he didn't come. I got all worried that he was in the house and had made a mess, that he had pushed the chair away from the kitchen and torn down to the gate and gotten into all my clean laundry and crafts!!! OH NO! But, that was NOT the case, he wasn't in the house either. So I went into the back yard, looked everywhere, there aren't too many places-our yard isn't that big, and then I started looking for holes under the fence. None up the front yard, none over to The Rednecks house, none to the alley, but there it was! The hole (and big pile/spray of dirt) under the fence to get to the neighbors with the little brown fluffy dog. And, what did I see over there with the brown fluffy dog? Our speckled pup! I was so mad!! I went over, rang the door bell, no one was home, so I went around back to see if they had a gate , they did. So went over, petted their dog and stangled mine as I hauled him away. He realized he could struggle and fight me if he was on 4 feet so, I grabbed his collar, and his front left paw and walked him to our yard, our fence, our gate. And booted him in the butt as he ran into the yard. I then put some brick slabs over the new hole! We have tried to fill in the other holes (Oh yes! There are many holes!!) before they get enough for him to get thru, or when he just starts them. But we missed this one. The thing is, we really didn't miss it, I went out there yesterday (looking for his Kong, still not found) and looked at the hole, it was tiny!! And it had bricks in it already! But, our dog apparently doubles as a back-hoe! When I got him in the house, I sat on the couch reading the mail, and he walks over, looking so sad, and drops a carrot by my feet. Really?! A carrot! I was like, are you trying to get me more mad?! I think he was trying to share or say he's sorry, or that he doesn't like carrots and he doesn't like me, and we should hang out. Hmmmm... Oh well. I threw the carrot back outside for him, and he is laying at my feet right now. Grrrr that dog! (I'll have Mark go out and take some pics tomorrow night, and then I will post them!)

Love, bry and mark

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