Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We named him Bandit for a reason...

So, we figured, since we had a fenced in yard, we could get a dog, and they fence would keep him in. Alas, if we only knew how naming him Bandit was a bad idea. Our little dog has found a way to open the back door (we have latch handles) and he has also found a way to open the back gate to get out into the neighborhood. He did this yesterday, because when I got home, Mark's bike was in front of the gate door. He also did it last week, he was out in the yard waiting for me when I got home last Friday. Mark and I have fixed this problem, we hope, we bought a caribeener and put that in the gate latch (it has that hole in the bottom for a padlock) and we'll see how that works. We have also fixed the hole under the fence to get next door. Our Bandit found out he can dig to see new friends. A few times this summer, I would get home, only to have to go over to the neighbor's to get my dog. They didn't mind too much, they said, they like our dog. So we're hoping that this is just a James Bond/Houdini phase and Bandit will eventually stop trying to sneak out. We did, of course, name hims BANDIT, so maybe it will never go away.

Hmmm, so I looked to see how many posts I've made and when we started this new adventure, and I was pretty surprised. Since we started this blog on 8-06-2008, I have made 125 posts! This will be the 126th! I was so surprised!! Now, if I could find a way to get Mark to make some posts about him.... I'll have to think of way to get him to do it.... We'll see.

Love to all - bry and mark

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