Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sleep Study and Flu Shots

So, people have been asking me about the sleep study, and what the results are. Well - I do not know. They haven't released my results to me yet, but I have heard they sent them to my doctor. I think if it were really serious, my doctor would call me in and let me know. I have a follow up appointment with the sleep study guys scheduled for January (it's really not that far away!) So, I will keep everyone posted as I learn more.

I finally got my flu shot! I am now not in fear of the Swine Flu! yay!! I went Saturday morning, and stood in line, and passed my papers to the shooter, and BAM! I got a good shot to the arm (it still hurts, just so everyone knows!) But, it wasn't bad, and it was free! SO Yay!

AND - I have been missing out on my days of Thankful, but I have a very good reason! We haven't had a working computer for a few days! The computer we work on at home is the one I use for work (I haul it back and forth to and from work every day, I can't leave it at work, or I will get in trouble) well, this computer got a virus this weekend. And I took it into IT first thing Monday morning, and they said they would work on it. I just got it back about an hour ago. So they worked on it all day Monday and all of Tuesday morning. But I have it back now, so I can finally get caught up on my Thankful-ness and my budget. (Mark and I are now in the process of scoping out a computer for us at home. With all the holiday deals, it shouldn't be too hard to find a really awesome deal!!) So, there is the latest news. I will post things tonight. :)

Love to all - bry and mark

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