Saturday, November 7, 2009

there are hair cuts then there are hair massacres

So, I got my haircut today. The place I like to go closed. TODAY, in fact! So, I ended up going to one of those chains like Cost Cutters or Fantastic Sam's (they are not so FANTASTIC!) I even brought in a picture! And I still got a crappy cut! Here are the pictures I wanted to look like. (Somewhere between the two, I wanted it cute like that!) BUT NO!! This is what I got! I have no idea what the lady was doing! If you look at the top left most picture on the collage of me, my hair is completely lopsided, it's like she had one leg shorter than the other or her eyes are lopsided or something! And I can't switch sides or it puffs out on the one side. Good grief! I hope I can do something with it tomorrow for church! Ugh! I've got product and some little clips I'm going to try, but really! All I wanted was hair cut! I asked for an A-line, that was pieced out! (I can't get straight cuts, my hair mushrooms out cuz it's so thick!) And this is what I got. I really hope I can get something to work with it before work, the guys don't know when to stop. Yeah.... Here's hoping.... Mark is still in Nebraska, I told him I was going to get my hair cut, I even sent him a picture. I have such a good husband, he said he liked it! I told him when I left the salon, I looked like one of the blonde twins from the old-school Parent Trap movie. (Let's get together, yeah yeah!) It was horrible. But I flatironed it, so it should be workable! (SHOULD BE!) Good thing my hair grows about an inch a month, it'll be grown out a bit before Turkey day and Christmas.

PS: with my glasses on, I look like I belong in the band Weezer!! LOL! If you want to detroy my sweater.....

Love to all - bry and mark

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